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Simply print at 8.5 X 11 inches, cut-out and assemble. The matriculating mythozoologist in your life will appreciate this 100% accurate diagram of the rare and elusive Pegacorn. 

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Wow. So lovely.


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Happy Birthday Frederick Austerlitz Fred Astaire 
10 May 1899 - 22 June 1987

"When you talk about Fred Astaire, you talk about heaven. What more can I say?" - Johnny Green, Hollywood Speaks! An Oral History, 1974

"He was not just the best ballroom dancer, or tap dancer, he was simply the greatest, most imaginative, dancer of our time." - Rudolph Nureyev, 1987

Fred Astaire was simply one of the most influential performers in film history. Not only did he revolutionise the way dance was performed and captured on film, he also had a profound influence on music and hollywood in general. In a time when the world needed something joyous, they got Fred Astaire; a talented, charismatic performer whose charming smile was exactly what movie-goers wanted. Notorious for being a perfectionist and crippled with self-consciousness he floated across the screen with effortless grace that continues to amaze today. Though he was never convinced of it, there can be no doubt that he achieved perfection. 

And at age seventy-eight, he broke his left wrist while riding his grandson’s skateboard.

You know, you so-and-so, you’ve a little of the hoodlum in you. - James Cagney on Fred Astaire in Top Hat, White Tie and Tails, from Top Hat (1935)

All time favorite dance inspiration. Happy birthday, Fred Astaire!

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I’m why I can’t have nice things.


Nothing like stabbing yourself with your own sword during practice.

Yeah, I’m currently trying to figure out how to replace the globe to my ceiling fan lamp after a sword incident where I dramatically rained glass all over myself.

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Um, so did Harold Lloyd invent Gangnam Style? From Feet First (1930).

Happy birthday, Harold Lloyd!  This little dance cracks me up.


Um, so did Harold Lloyd invent Gangnam Style? From Feet First (1930).

Happy birthday, Harold Lloyd! This little dance cracks me up.

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ICYMI: Our Animal of the Week is the purple-striped jelly

Did you know? In addition to their striped bells, these jellies have eight long, violet arms, which they use to paralyze prey!

Also they are pretty. Yay.

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Splurging on a manduka pro



Also this.  I’m always trying to get people to buy a Black Mat Pro.  I should get some kickbacks.  What’s a girl gotta do to get some swag, Manduka?

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Buster breaks the fourth wall when he is confronted with his trademark porkpie in a hat shop mirror, Steamboat Bill Jr.

I love Buster Keaton’s face so much. Cracks me right up.

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"The Freshman" (1925)

2nd fave lil Harold Lloyd dance.


"The Freshman" (1925)

2nd fave lil Harold Lloyd dance.

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John Compton

What a legend! A genius entertainer.   I will never tire of watching him doing the tray dance.  Taking a workshop with him at TribalCon was one of the highlights of my dancing life.  I’ve been watching a ton of Hahbi ‘Ru lately and it’s such awesome inspiration.

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Anyone know of any FREE fat yoga videos? A lot of the resources that do exist cost money and I’m, like, maaan, it’s hard enough for us ladies! If I wasn’t a beginner, I’d make my own free videos but, well, I am.

Hmm.. well, if you have a NetFlix subscription, you can get Just My Size: Yoga with Megan Garcia on DVD

You might check out the freebies at Curvy Yoga and Body Positive Yoga  (though I don’t think she’s updating that one anymore, there’s still a lot of great resources there!)

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Sleeping Beauty concept art by Eyvind Earle.


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